It was obvious from the very beginning that Dante and Mark are so knowledgeable not only about the real estate market but also the Naples brand. They’re up on current trends, designs, quality materials. The builder they chose was great. The architect—we really loved his signature style. The interior design people who are in on the project from the beginning planning stages just really pulled everything together with beautiful finishes.
I really liked the process.  They were very open to changes. The best part was the attitude, which was: ‘We can make it work. Are you happy?  We can talk about it.’   It was to the credit of Dante and Mark that the project was finished well on time and within budget. So, what more could we ask for?
I can’t say enough about the builder they chose. I’ve never met a builder who pays attention to such detail. What I felt with Mark and Dante is that I had them looking after the project and our best interests. I think they’re such quality people. We just loved everything about the project.”