Investor Testimonials

Mark is one of the easiest guys I’ve ever invested with.  He’s honest to a fault, very accommodating, always available. He’s transparent with numbers and receptive to ideas. He’s a great partner.


Mark is straight up, straight forward and as honest as the day is long. What he tells you, that’s what’s going to happen. He has really high quality standards across the board. Every single one of the projects have come in just exactly as he said it would. My investments with him have been phenomenal.


If you’re interested in investing in building houses in Naples, I can’t think of anyone who would be better to work with than Mark. He is high integrity person, very goal driven.  He holds himself accountable to everyone for everything. He has always delivered on every promise he’s ever made me.
I’m constantly amazed at how far ahead he’s thinking. He plans for contingencies like no one else. This is essential when situations arise that need alternative solutions. It’s yet another aspect that makes investing with him a good bet.


Mark is very demanding of contractors to achieve quality work that is delivered on time and at the same time he is very fair but very firm. Mark takes great pride in doing what he has promised. His desire is to build a Bentley, not a Cadillac. He has very high standards and morals and is more concerned with the client than himself. Mark is an expert developer and he makes the contractor better by imposing his high standards and commitment.


He’s a bulldog.  He’s a proud Italian-American. He’s a go-getter. Very professional, very honest, very resourceful, and an all-around good guy; I like him a lot. I live between Naples, Florida and Monaco, so I come and go a lot. The reporting on project progress is always very good.  In the process we’ve become friends, I feel really comfortable with him.

We have invested with Mark not only on homes but on commercial properties as well. The guy is very trustworthy, very diligent and honest. When you’re approaching any investment if the person you’re dealing with has got those qualities, it makes you feel comfortable. On each of the projects I’ve done to date with Mark we’ve achieved a good return.